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$3.96 per minute GST Inc. May receive offers via SMS. All Major credit cards accepted.

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Calling one of our expert phone psychic clairsentient healers is made simple at Psych-Hub. Simply scroll down or click on our team page. Choose one of our psychic phone readings experts you give you the answers to your problems. You will gain a new understanding of your life you never had. The answers & readings Psych-Hub will give you to your problems on your call will make sense.

Our healers are real and all are a phone psychic expert. We are compassionate psychics & healers who care and understand the unique situation you are facing before making the call. $3.96 per minute for both mobile and landline calls credit cards accepted.

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We have a range of safe and efficient payment methods and services to provide the best customer experience possible including credit card facilities.


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Psych-Hub Is An Australian Trusted Service

Our trusted team of  Australian 24/7 phone psychic reading clairvoyants are metaphysically trained, highly experienced, and accurate readers. Love and relationships can be emotionally draining at times. Psych-Hub’s cheap mobile clairvoyant hotline in Australia will help you gain peace of mind and Clarity. Psych-Hub lines are open day or night, no matter where you live. You will be connecting with a live phone psychic by telephone, or you can choose an email or SMS text message option to communicate with a clairvoyant.

If the spirit moves you to seek healing or clarity, our Australian psychic’s phone service consider it to be our higher calling to help you. Our psychics have practiced their paranormal craft for decades and genuinely desire to give light, love, and healing to the world.


Psych-Hub – The BEST Hotline Open 24/7

A well-trained clairvoyant from Psych-Hub is ready for your call and we accept credit card. Simply go through our list of prophetic future readers and select whoever the divine spirit moves you towards and who you think may help you best. Or simply use Psych-Hubs’s email or SMS text message option.

Sometimes we need closure in our lives from past sad experiences to enable us to move on, and sometimes we need information or messages from loved ones who have passed on. Our clairvoyants can reach out to the loved ones in your past to receive important messages that they want to tell you. I know from my personal experience how much closure and peace I felt after receiving a signal from my father who had passed.

To use our services directly In Australia:

  1. Look at the code of the clairvoyant you would like to chat with;
  2. Allow enough time for your call and budget wisely for a great reading;
  3. Keep a pen handy for notes;
  4. Don’t forget about our Psych-Hub Australia horoscope service.
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Why a phone call is better

Whether you prefer a tarot card reading or an intuitive clairvoyant reading, our mediums can help you find your spiritual path. They can hear your inner voice and lead you to your light. You will gain peace of mind and the empowerment you need to have accurate insight so you can make the best decisions, have clarity in your thoughts and soul connections in your life.

Multi-Skilled Psychics

Some of our 24/7 phone psychics are also mediums which means they use perceptive hearing to enable them to perceive your spirit and receive information from the divine source. This enables the medium to channel messages from a spirit and pass the information onto you. All mediums use there psychic abilities to interpret the information they collect from the divine source; their supernatural abilities are the tools that they use to deliver the message. 

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At Psych-Hub our 24/7  telephone hotline psychic services are easy and affordable. All of our technology is compatible with mobile phones both 3G & 4G. Landlines will need to be billed directly to your credit card. 

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Q.1. My phone call has been cut off halfway through my call/or my call didn’t connect 2018-04-17T08:06:38+00:00

A.1. Occasionally mobile reception can, in fact, disconnect this happens all over the world. Network coverage can vary from state to state. We ask kindly just to call straight back. If you are unable to get through please try calling us in 5 minutes time. If then you can not get your call answered by our one of our psychics please call our customer care.

Q.2. Can I extend my telephone reading? 2018-04-17T08:07:26+00:00

A.1. Yes, of course, you can extend your call at any time. If you believe you need over an hour of call time please phone our customer care support team ahead.

Q.3. How do I know Psych-Hub is not a scam and provides real psychics? 2018-04-17T08:08:21+00:00

A.1. All of Psych-Hub’s telephone psychic operators have a 5-year minimum prerequisite experience in the psychic world. This is compulsory and company policy our team are real and look forward to speaking with you soon.

Conditions of service:

  • To use our telephone clairvoyant service you must have the owner of the telephone line permission.
  • You Must be over 18 years old.
  • All calls are none refundable. If you do not mentally connect with our psychics on the telephone you have the right to ask for a different psychic to service your call.
  • Psych-Hub mobile telephone rates are charged at a per minute rate + GST. Making a phone call to our psychic hotline is an agreement of business.

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