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Aries is the Ram and the first sign in the astrological zodiac chart, the symbol is a representation of the flying ram. With the sun transiting the sign from the 21st March to 20th of April every year. According to the tropical system of astrology, the sun enters the sign of the Zodiac Aries when it meets the North Vernal Equinox.

Aries is the first fire sign of the Zodiac followed by, Sagittarius and Leo.

Aries & Love & Sex

Aries is very much a loyal lover and just about the last of the Zodiac signs to be ok with an open relationship. They will put their partner first in just about every situation, expecting the same from you in return. They are masters of listening to their mate’s needs, wants and desires paying attention to every small detail of their lover. For some signs the closeness an Aries gives can be overwhelming and be smothering, for others it is a breath of fresh air.

The Aries temper can catch you by surprise especially in love Aries Best Matches:

Aries and Aries can make great romantic relationships both centered on each other;

Aries & Taurus – this can be a challenging relationship, but it is common sense as to why the attraction is so strong between the two signs with mars and venus as their rulers once connected the romance is likely to be lifelong;

Aries & Gemini – similar to a match made in heaven, both have an amazing sense of self and are extremely creative in the bedroom making the most sexual fantasies come alive for each other;

Worst Matches:

Aries & Cancer – Both signs are total polar opposites and cancer is considered too sensitive for Aries, cancer being a water sign is simply not adventurous enough;

Aries & Scorpio – Again Scorpio is a water sign and is thought to be the worst of all signs to be matched with the fun-loving Aries. However, underneath all the fun and energy Aries can be a sensitive sign too if the chemistry is right;

The Sign of the Ram:

Rams are known to charge forward and possess determination and persistence and make these traits look effortless.

The Ram is thought to represent courage, action, and self-propelled action into a situation. Making Aries a clear leader amongst their peers!

To get a more clear reading of where Aries can relate to you, be in a relationship with you or even work in your workplace give Psych-Hub a call today for an expert reading and interpretation. The opposite star sign is Libra, full of diplomacy, social correctness tact, and class, Aries is the total opposite. Rough, straight to the point and often blunt you will always know exactly where you stand. If you would like further knowledge and learning feel free to call our readings hotline.

Ruled By Mars

Aries is ruled by Mars the red planet and have been linked together since the most of ancient times. Mars is Roman War of God being a planet of great action, energy.


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