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The cancer sign is one of the most highly tenacious and clever star signs of the zodiac. They make great debaters and sales reps as they have the ability to motivate others and persuade them to their ways of thinking.

At times they can be moody, self-centered, insecure and manipulative at times. These traits also make them great in the business arena and not so great in the joys of love. They very often have a strong connection to mum and any criticism of this relationship is usually unwanted and dealt with revenge.

Cancer & Love

Cancer can be a great sign to have a relationship with more often than not they are extremely caring and non-judgmental partners. As a water element, they are soft caring and very nurturing, they can be emotional at times and it is highly recommended to watch how you criticise are bring up behaviors within the relationship you are not happy about.

They require a partner who can read their non-verbal cues without being promoted as sometimes Cancer signs can find it hard to speak up for themselves.

The self-sacrifice and willingness to put other people’s needs in front of there own can be a negative in certain situations. If you are a caring partner it is of vital importance to not let this happen as often the Cancer will later regret doing this and hold the self-deprivation against the lover for life.

The Cancer sign can be easily misguided and led astray by people they trust, they are often victims of manipulation. Concerning sex, it is extremely important to keep an eye on their so-called friends of the opposite sex. 

How to attract a Cancer

Attracting a cancer sign is not always easy, you definitely need to make the first and show lots of interest in the hope they twig onto your attraction. It is not unusual for this zodiac sign to be unaware of your attraction even when you have made the attraction clear.

They can be very complicated and complex lovers, being overly protective of loved ones making them home loving beings it is a great idea to plan activities that center around the house cooking, gardening etc.

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