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Capricorn Sign Of The Zodiac

A Capricorn enjoys – Family, Religion, Traditional Outings

They Dislike – most things at certain points in their life

Capricorn is that star sign that strongly represents responsibility in a traditional sense. They love their family and all related celebrations such as birthdays, weddings, engagements parties and family get-togethers. Holding a strong self-identity they thrive in business situations and the financial arena. Their common trait of being serious does sometimes exclude them from the fun but in general, they understand humor on some level.

They are the master of self-discipline and are one of the most trusted signs of the Zodiac due to self-control, they will never cheat.

Being an earth element sign similar to Taurus and Virgo it is the last of the earth signs implicating grounding and a sense of being rock solid. They love the material world and work very hard in their day to day lives it is no wonder they succeed and excel at their work.

They are very judgmental at times, especially when viewing others who are not acting in an honest and loyal way to those around them that they supposedly love. Their rigidness gives them no understanding when viewing others. So do not expect an ear to lean on if you’re doing the wrong thing.

Saturn is their ruling planet leaving the Capricorn in a space of comfort and material wealth.

Capricorn The Goat Of Fear

Capricorn – the goat of fear comes from a tail of a fish which is created to install fear amongst rivals or threats. They can be extremely aggressive when it comes to being challenged. If in the right and feeling backed into a corner they can become aggressive and extremely fierce.

Defensive mechanisms are easy to spot and it is wise to never insult someone they love or they may turn on you forever and ruin your reputation with others.

Capricorn Women

Are some of the most loyal women out of all the Zodiac signs. They make a great partner and if loyalty is important to you they are the best.


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