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The Gemini is an air sign who is also ruled by Mercuri. A Gemini’s strength is generally, warmly affectionate, kind and giving.

This Zodiac sign is also known to be fast on their feet and amongst peers is known as the comeback king. Being highly sociable and always ready for fun they are not quite the life of the party but are extremely good at being that person who organizes an amazing party.

Sex & Romance

Fun, ready and generally beautiful sex & romance with a Gemini is meant to be the best out of all the star signs. Known for their passion in bed it is a given that you will never get bored or feel neglected. Known for their loyalty they are the type of partner you never have to worry about.

Verbal communication is extremely important and the best way to turn on your Gemini lover is to simply talk to them. Sometimes they may struggle to hold an emotion so regular maintenance is necessary, you must check in daily and make sure you have a life that is not homebound but full of small, interesting adventures.

Circling the sun it is their normal state to be the center of your attention when they move it is fast, sharp and hard. They do not mean to make you feel left behind but when these turns happen it is important not to sulk but to follow their movement.

Family & Friends

Family and friends are extremely important to a Gemini and it is said to never cross the ones they love, as it is known they will fiercely defend their close ones. Having an abundance of friends and social contacts a Gemini is never short of an ear to lean when they are going through hard times. The same goes for friends as lovers if the friend is dynamic and constantly changing they will make sharp, fast turns and quickly lose interest.

How to attract this sign

If you’re wanting this star sign as your lover you must be willing and able to turn the sharp corners within the time frame the Gemini demands. Keeping conversation fluid and dynamic with an ever-changing subject of conversation will keep the Gemini’s attention on what words will be next.


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