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Leo is an amazing star sign of the zodiac. It is the fifth astrological sign of the Zodiac coming from the constellation of Leo and directly after cancer. and before Virgo. It is a fixed star sign along with Taurus, Scorpio & Aquarius belonging to tropical zodiac. 

They love being the centre of attention in almost every way it is next to impossible not to see them if they are anywhere near you as they are loud and flamboyant. Their ambition carries them a long way and drives their self-determination into many different directions. They can be extremely creative and often have careers in the arts. To see them famous and in movies, stage shows etc is not abnormal you simply can not miss them.

A kind heart mixed with a generous soul makes them one of the best signs of the zodiac to be around they are always giving. They expect love in return and will, in general, walk away from people who are not prepared to give the love back.

The lion symbolises king of the jungle, they tend to also be very strong and fierce when it comes to protecting their loved ones. Letting them lead can often be a great move as Leo’s love to take initiative and be a driving force. The Leo can be extremely stubborn and set in their routine making change for them extremely hard. If you don’t like a Leo for how they are it is best of not to enter a relationship with one as simply they don’t change.

Leo’s & Love

To get inside their hearts it is important to be an honest good person any trickery will be harshly punished. It is better to be exactly who you really are with a Leo than get caught out at a later date.

To attract a Leo generally, you will have to be extremely good looking or intelligent as out of all the zodiac signs this star sign has a massive choice of whom they will choose to be intimate with. Although Leo’s are not known to cheat in general they are known to have many chasers who will pretty much do anything for their attention.

Wait for the planet Mercury to be lining up with Venus and then let your intentions be known their strong connection to both planets means timing will be of the utmost importance in your approach to an intimate relationship.


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