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Libra the seventh sign of the zodiac is where we all start to see the movement in the zodiac. The first six signs are centred around the person as a whole and the last six signs concentrate on those and events around the individual.

Libras concentrate on others and the relationship they have formed around them. This is the sign of the partnership, they do not want to be alone and doing things together is always their preference. Being paired is their ultimate and if in a work situation always try to provide them with a sidekick.

They are great in a team environment but thrive within a relationship. Being at home with their loved one is always the preference foremost and utmost their number one priority. Scales symbolises the Libra who is constantly looking to make everything even and fair in their life. Making all equal and putting others peoples needs first is what they do best.

The scales represent the angle of keeping everything in balance and fair and even. In being people pleasers they are extremely sociable and love nothing more than being at parties and in large groups.

Libra Love & Sex

Finding the right partner who is compatible with this sign can be extremely difficult as this sign can be needy. Upon commencement of a relationship, keeping the balance, peace and harmony is the number one priority for this sign. Their flamboyant charm and persona make being inside the relationship an enjoyable event. The fallen sun can cause trouble for this sign with emotional wounds.

Libra being the sign of relationships and marriage, represents old school traditional ways. They love a partner who can be strong and provide a clear path forward with great boundaries and who can clearly set out the rules.

With a distinct compatibility with the Scorpio, they are constantly searching for sex with this sign. If the two get together it is dynamite and love at first sight. Constantly searching for a strong emotional connection they are one of the least likely of all the signs to cheat on their partner. Giving body and soul their intentions are clear to whoever they are in the relationship with. Know to be great at sex and to be kind warm hearted lovers.

Libra Ruled by Venus

Libra is ruled by the planet Venus. Originating from the seductress who excelled in seduction and pleasing. They love only beautiful things and people being the centre of attention at the party is what they do best. If a Libra has you in their firing line it is almost impossible to escape their charm and seduction.

They can become lazy when a relationship or situation is becoming repetitive and need constant change. Change stimulates this sign in times of boredom and something as small as getting them a new chair can repair the repetitiveness. They are an air element who are constantly reaching higher and always looking for ways of self-improvement.

Loving a great argument is their base of fairness and equality. If you argue unfairly lookout being a bundle of energy picking arguments with this sign is simply just not worth it.

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