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The Taurus is an earth element, ruled by venus it is one of the calmest of the signs (beauty, love, and happiness). Weaknesses can include possessiveness, being stubborn in relationships, overly cautious at times. Strengths will generally include a totally dedicated attitude towards work and love, a loyal friend, and lover as well as extremely supportive when the going gets rough.

Love & Sex with Taurus

Ruled by the symbol of the bull the Taurus seems to have two gears, either flat out full steam ahead or slow and cruise.

If a Taurus is chasing you romantically you will know about it, there is no guessing with this companion. Once in a relationship, they are very calm gentle and patient. If your Taurus partner needs attention they will switch to their fast gear and let you know immediately, making communication within the relationship clear and easy.

At the beginning of a relationship, the Taurus will sit there patiently and wait and assess, weighing up calmly if the relationship has potential. Once convinced and enough good signs have been displayed the Taurus will charge and let you know without any guesswork they would like to become romanticly involved with you.

Taurus is one of three earth elements that also include Virgo and Capricorn.

Venus Ruling Taurus

Venus rules Taurus the planet of beauty, wealth and class. When Saturn castrated Uranus, its blood spilled into the sea and impregnated it. Later the sea gave birth to the goddess Venus.

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Taurus & Wealth

Taurus is ruled by Venus can be extremely successful when it comes to matters of finance, liking lavish lifestyles they learn early on that working hard can get them everything they want materialistically in this world. With their dashing beauty, it is hard for those around them to say no to there proposals in business. With an acute understanding of numbers owning there own business definitely suites the Taurus best.


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